Connect Groups

Connect Groups

NPC wants to help make it easy to connect with others in the church family and grow deeper as disciples of Jesus. A few times a year, we will facilitate the formation of Connect Groups.

What are they?

Connect Groups will be groups of 4-12 people who agree to meet together on a regular basis for deeper Bible reflection, encouragement and prayer. New groups will follow the sermon series, using the Digging Deeper resource provided each week with the sermon notes.

When do Connect Groups meet, and for how long?

There is a lot of flexibility here. They may meet for 60-90 minutes at the church, or in someone’s home, or at a cafe. Groups will commit to meet together for a set period of time.

How do I get into a Connect Group?

There are three ways to get into a Connect Group:

  1. Group Connection meetings.
    Group Connection will be a fun opportunity to meet others with the shared goal of forming a new group.
  2. Fill out a Connect Groups information card to help us know how we can follow up and guide you into a group that may be forming. These cards may be found at the Welcome Center or Church Office.
  3. Form your own! Find a few people whom you’d like to invite you to connect with. Let us know if you have some space for others! We can also help your existing group find new members.

What if I need help?

We can help you with equipping, finding resources, meeting spaces, ideas for connecting to others, and communication! Please contact Pete Seiferth or Ange Michel Muhayimana for help in getting going and getting connected!