Wedding Policy

Thank you for your interest in having your wedding at Northminster Presbyterian Church. We consider it a privilege to share your wedding day and will assist in every possible way to make it a blessing and a joy.

Please be aware that our facilities are for the use of our congregation. You must be a member or in the process of becoming a member; you may also be an immediate family member of a member or an active attendee. Our facilities are a drug-free, tobacco-free, weapon-free, and alcohol-free zone.

To start the process, please complete a Marriage Information Form. The wedding coordinator, a staff member who will assist you, will check the church calendar and will facilitate setting up an initial appointment with your pastor of choice. Marriage Information Forms are also available in the Church Office.

It is expected that one of the pastors of Northminster Presbyterian Church will officiate at all weddings. If the couple wishes another clergy to assist with the service, a special request should be made. You will be responsible for making arrangements with the Wedding Coordinator, the organist, any soloist, your florist, your photographer, and any other participants in the wedding.

Preparing for Marriage

All couples are expected to participate in premarital counseling with the officiating pastor. The first of the counseling sessions will be held with the pastor before any plans are finalized. Couples who wish to have a Northminster pastor officiate a wedding not held at the church are also expected to participate in premarital counseling.

In preparation for the wedding, you should expect to discuss aspects of the marriage, including the nature of your Christian commitment, the privileges and responsibilities of Christian marriage, the nature and form of the marriage service, and the vows and commitments you will be asked to make.

If the pastor is convinced after discussion with you as a couple that either commitment, responsibility, maturity, or Christian understanding are so lacking that the marriage is unwise, the pastor shall assure you of the church’s continuing support for you but will not conduct the ceremony.

Appointments for counseling sessions should be made through the officiating pastor.

Your Wedding

We have prepared a wedding booklet to help you with the planning of your special day. Your wedding should be one of the most memorable and joyous occasions of your life. It should be a time of celebrating, with Christian joy, the gift and sanctity of marriage and God’s holy covenant!

Please contact us if you have any questions or need further information.