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A Mindset for Mission

Northminster, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, seeks to be engaged in God’s mission in the world by:

-  Building ongoing supportive partnerships consistent with our mission values.

-  Offering the Northminster congregation classes on mission.

-  Communicating effectively with our congregation about our mission partners and their ministries.

-  Intentionally providing opportunities for our congregation to be involved in mission work through short-term mission trips, conferences, prayer teams and classes on mission.

Northminster Mission Directory

Our NPC Mission Directory is a source of information about the missionaries and ministries with whom Northminster partners. You are encouraged to pray, correspond, volunteer your time and skills, and give financially in support of these mission partners. In doing so, you can take part in the exciting work being accomplished for Christ throughout the world.



Ways You Can Get Involved with Mission at NPC

  • Check the Sunday bulletin each week for opportunities to get involved.
  • Participate in a trip.
  • Pray for and write to our missionaries abroad.
  • Designate gifts to mission causes.
  • Volunteer for local causes like the Gospel Rescue Mission.
  • Correspond with incarcerated men through our prison ministry.
  • Join the Mission Committee/team.
Rocky Point Mission 2020
Africa Mission

Ways to Be Engaged

  • Pray for our mission partners.
  • Have your small group/Bible study pick one or two of our mission partners and pray for them each time you meet.
  • Connect with our mission partners on social media to learn about their stories and see what they’re up to.
  • Reach out to the NPC contact person assigned to our mission partners and find out how you can be involved.
  • Donate directly to our mission partners by visiting the website associated with their ministry.
  • Sign up for their newsletter if available.
  • Watch Northminster communications for details on future mission trips and plan to take part.
  • Text “npctucson mission” to 73256 to give a one-time gift to Northminster’s mission fund.
    Ethiopia Mission Oct 2018

    Global Mission

    Cragin Partnership

    Local Mission

    "Someone once said, 'A church that is thoughtful about being engaged in mission thinks glocally.' That non-word is made up of two real words; global and local. As I’ve witnessed the growth of our congregation becoming more and more engaged in God’s mission over the years, I’ve seen our 'glocal' imprint become wider, deeper and stronger."
    - Pastor Ken Skodiak

    Reaching Your World,
    ​​​​​​​Sharing Christ's Love!

    (Pictured: Mission in Puerto Penasco, MX)