Refugee & Immigrant Ministry (RIM)

Ministry Goal

RIM complements ongoing Northminster Presbyterian Church ministries to fully integrate Christian refugees and immigrants from anywhere in the world into the fellowship and mission of NPC.

Refugee and Immigrant MinistrySamaritan Apartment

NPC provides temporary, transitional housing for those without access to other resources, particularly but not limited to qualified asylum seekers and refugees who are pursuing a legal path to residence. The Samaritan apartment is designed to give the residents a secure home environment where they can work toward establishing their independence by applying for work permits, studying English, developing resumes and job skills, learning life skills, and volunteering at the church and in the community.

NPC assistance includes:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Diapers

Sojourner Fund

NPC covers emergency costs, primarily for qualified asylum seekers, associated with immigration attorneys, visa/work permits, rent, food, travel, family reunification and other expenses associated with “sojourners” in a new land.

Advocacy and Mentoring

Northminster Presbyterian Church seeks to facilitate mentoring opportunities for NPC members with individuals and families in the refugee and immigrant community to encourage and promote discipleship, leadership, life skills, and friendship.

How You Can Help

Over the past few years, Northminster has welcomed refugees and asylum-seekers as new members of our community. Refugees and immigrants from countries besieged by violence continue to arrive in Tucson in great need of assistance.

Over $40,000 each year is needed to support those in our church family who have found themselves alone and dependent on others. Help us break this cycle, as all of our efforts are aimed at empowering these new friends whom God has sent to us.

The Sojourner support Fund and the Samaritan Housing Fund were created as an extra opportunity to give and support the specific needs of those whose status as legal immigrants has put them in a vulnerable situation. The Refugee and Immigrant Ministry (RIM) of Northminster Presbyterian Church is not funded by regular giving and offerings. Your donation will go to basic needs, housing, food, and legal support.

Please pray about how you can help. If God is calling you to get engaged in RIM with your time and/or financial resources, please contact Rev. Dr. Pete Seiferth.

2015 Report

For more information, please see our Refugee and Immigrant Ministry (RIM) 2015 Report.