myNPC is Northminster’s online community based on Realm, a cloud-based product from ACS Technologies. myNPC is an entirely different kind of application designed around anywhere, cloud connectivity. You’ll be able to access it through your browser on a PC or Mac, tablet, or mobile device. By joining myNPC, you’ll be given multiple ways to get involved, connect, and take advantage of all Northminster has to offer.

Through myNPC, you’ll be able to:

  • Update and maintain your own contact information
  • Give online, review your contributions history and print your year-end statement
  • Check NPC event schedules and register and pay for NPC events
  • Connect with different ministry or small groups that you may be a part of

Once you’ve signed up for myNPC, log in here:

How do I get signed up?
We should have your current e-mail address on file – if not, or if you need to correct it, please contact us. If you’re a regular attender or member of Northminster, you will receive an e-mail from us with the subject “Join your church family.” There will be a link in that e-mail which will guide you through the sign up process. Please check your spam folder or junk mail if you do not receive it. If you still cannot locate it, please contact Chris Yamanaka.

Can you help me get signed up?
The process to get signed up in myNPC is simple and straightforward. Just click the registration link in the invitation e-mail you receive from us, and then follow the instructions to set up your password. You’ll then receive a second e-mail confirming your registration and e-mail address, and you will just need to click a link in that e-mail to validate your registration.

If you require additional assistance, please contact Chris Yamanaka.

What if I am not online?
myNPC is a great way to keep in touch, communicate with those who share your ministry areas, give online, and keep the church office and your church family up to date on your contact information. However, if you choose not to sign up, we will still have your information, and you can keep it updated by getting in touch with us. Printed directories will be available by request.

How do I log in?
After your initial registration, you can log in by going to, and entering your email address and the password you set. There’s also a hot button on our homepage with the link to log in.

What if I lose my password?
Click the “Forgot your password?” link at the bottom of the signin page at If you’re unable to retrieve your password this way, the staff can reset your password for you.

How do I update my contact information?
When you log in, you will be shown your own profile. Click the Info tab, and you will be presented with “Contact Information” and “Personal Information” sections. If you hover over any of the fields, a blue circle with a pencil will appear at the top right of each section. Click on the appropriate icon to edit your information for that section in the “Edit Info” screen.

If anything is incorrect or missing, please update your information! We strive to maintain the most accurate records possible, but you know better than we do what is correct. We’re especially hoping to have accurate records for contact information, birthdays, and grade levels for children.
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You’re also able to edit the people in your family without creating an account for them, or logging in as them. In the initial “Info” screen, the members of your family appear to the right. Simply click on their name to view or edit their profile(s).
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Who can see my contact information? How do I control who can see my contact information?
You control who can view your contact information through the privacy settings that you specify. You can select different privacy settings for different areas of your profile. By default, the viewing of your personal and contact information is limited to members of groups you are in, your group leaders, and staff members (Groups+Leaders+Staff). To change this, click on the grey padlock next to a field or section when you are editing your information. Other privacy settings are: group leaders and staff only, staff only, and everyone.
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How do I add or change a profile photo?
From your profile screen, click the image placeholder or the current image to select a new one. Browse your local computer to add a new image.
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What are groups?
Your groups are those areas, activities or NPC ministries that you participate in, such as the Sanctuary Choir, the ushers or the Crafters. You have the ability to share information, post messages, or send e-mails to the members of your groups. Some groups have already been set up; more are in development. You can request to join a group if there is an area or ministry that you are interested in.
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Can a group be created for my ministry area?
Yes! If there’s a group that you believe should be created, please contact Chris Yamanaka.

How do I sign up for online giving?
Log in to your profile and click Giving in the left sidebar. If applicable, you will see a record of your past giving, and you will also see a record of your current pledge. To make a one-time contribution, or set up a recurring contribution, click on the blue “+ Give” button.

You will be taken to a page where you can enter an amount, select the destination fund (or funds – click “+ Give to an additional fund“), and the frequency of the contribution. The process is the same for one-time or recurring gifts. Next, enter credit card, checking account, or savings account payment information, which by default will be automatically saved for future use. You can disable this by unchecking “Save for future use.” When everything looks correct, click the “Give” button.

Click the “Scheduled” button at the top to view your scheduled contributions.
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Can I make a pledge using this system?
Yes! You can make a pledge in myNPC by clicking the “Pledge” button next to the “Give” button at the top of the Giving screen, and then selecting an available pledge campaign. Follow the simple steps to complete your pledge. If you choose to use your paper pledge card on Consecration Sunday or at any other time, this information will be entered for you in myNPC.
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How do I find people’s contact information?
In the search field at the top right of any screen, begin typing a first or last name and the results will autofill. You can search within profiles only, groups only or both (“All”) by clicking the dropdown menu to the left of the search field.
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Is this online community secure?
Yes. myNPC is only available to people with password-protected logins to the system, and all interactions with the system occur over a secure HTTPS connection. Northminster staff control who receives an invitation to join myNPC.

How can I find help?
myNPC/Realm has extensive online contextual help. In any window, click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner for contextual help pertaining to the area of the program that you’re in. You can contact Chris Yamanaka if you can’t find the help you need, and we will assist you.

An online Members’ Guide is available here.