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Becoming a Member of Northminster

The joyous good news is that Jesus Christ invites all who believe in him to unite with God’s people and to declare their faith and hope for life. Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ has already entered the Kingdom of God in a special way.

To be a member of Northminster, a person must profess faith in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Our new member Discovering Church Membership classes are scheduled throughout the year (see below), and these are a good way to learn the basics of the Christian faith and to become acquainted with our church and its ministries. New members are publicly received and welcomed during our morning worship services. The sacrament of baptism, for infants and adults, is an important sign of God’s love and nurture in joining the family of faith.

The steps to joining Northminster are simple:

  • Let us know you are interested in joining.
  • Attend the new member Discovering Church Membership class(es) and meet with the Session at the end of the class.
  • Attend the church service to publicly confess your desire to unite with Northminster, and your faith in Christianity.

You will receive a letter from Pastor Andy Ross a couple weeks before the class with more detailed information. If you will be transferring your membership from another church, we will gladly handle this for you.

That’s all there is to it! If your desire is to become an Affiliate member, the procedure is the same – you would remain a member of your present church, but an Affiliate member of Northminster.

Our Central Belief

Our central belief here at Northminster Presbyterian is that we belong to Jesus Christ and that our lives are centered in God’s love. All that we do here, in and through this congregation, is rooted in this profound belief and mission.

We have been chosen and claimed by a gracious God to give glory to him and provide ministry through him to our community, neighbors and the world. We are called to be a visible demonstration of God’s family and fellowship serving in Christ’s name.

We believe you can be a part of this congregation’s mission and vision to serve. We believe there is a place for you here in our church!

We Celebrate the Glory of God in Our Worship and Work

Worship is our ultimate priority, a celebration of God’s love and presence in our lives. Worship is a verb – we are called to be praise-givers, not simply pew-sitters. As stated in Ephesians 1:12, we have been “destined and appointed to live for the praise of his glory.”

We Care for One Another in the Name of the One “Who First Loved Us”

God gives us his Spirit as Comforter. God also uses our struggles and pains to help heal others. Our bonds with one another, through classes, counseling, visits and prayer are a real link with God’s healing power. We are called to share in the work of the Holy Spirit – coming alongside others and bringing the hope and wholeness of Jesus Christ.

We Carry the Good News of the Love of Christ to Tucson and Beyond

We have a story to tell! God, through Christ, has offered the hope of wholeness and salvation to all. We desire to share the love of God through Christ in both word and action. Acknowledging God’s passionate concern for the lost, the least and the lonely, we work for justice, health and peace in our community and world. Acknowledging the lostness of persons outside of Christ, we proclaim the good news of God’s love and lead others into a saving relationship with him.

What About You?

How do you fit into all of this? This is an amazing question that could lead to even more amazing answers! We are all on a meaningful spiritual journey with the living God. Many here in our church right now are exploring and stretching as they find their role and special way to grow and serve. If you are seeking … wondering … or just trying to figure things out – welcome! We’d be happy to help you as we journey together.

Discovering Church Membership Class Schedule

Our Discovering Church Membership class is an excellent opportunity for all to build on the foundations of our faith, what it means to be a Christian, and how to connect to life at NPC. All are welcome to attend – guests, attendees, or members.

Have you ever wondered

  • Why Northminster Church exists?
  • How you can become a Christian?
  • How you can grow in faith?
  • Where you can plug into church life?
  • Where you can use your gifts for service?
  • What it means to be a Presbyterian?
  • What church membership means?
  • How to become a member of NPC?

Find out the answers in the next Discovering Church Membership class and get going as a Christian, and possibly as a member of Northminster. Plan to join us for this terrific class – please contact Sally Wiger if you wish to register and/or request childcare.


2020 Discovering Church Membership Class Schedule


Meet with Session

Commissioning – Baptism


Sunday, September 20
Sunday, September 20
 Sunday, September 27  Childcare available
upon request

Sunday, October 11
Sunday, October 11
 Sunday, October 18  Childcare available
upon request