How to Invite Your Friends to Christmas Eve Services

Invitations from family and friends are the #1 reason someone will attend a church for the first time.

People trust recommendations from people they know far beyond any kind of promotion and are even more willing to give church a try during the holiday season. 

So, how can you effectively invite a friend to Northminster this Christmas season?

  1. Share one of these images on your social media accounts. You know, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – an image or even writing something on your social media accounts could be a great and non-threatening way to invite someone to Church. Then, when you share you can mention that you are going and you’d love for others to join you.  Or, you can share it on a community page that you are a part of letting people know of the service times at Northminster.  There are always people looking (whether they mention it on a post or not) for a Church to attend on Christmas Eve.  You are simply sharing what Northminster is offering.
  2. Grab some Invite Cards and pass them out. Whether you are out at the grocery story, coffee shop or in an office area, there is usually a place where business cards or community information is posted. By taking a Northminster invite card and posting it there, you are simply making people aware of what’s happening in their community.
  3. Just ask. Could it be awkward? Yes. Could someone say no? Sure. But who knows, maybe they’ll say yes. Pray before and ask God for the words to say and how to approach it.

The reality is people tend to be open to going to Church, especially during Christmas Eve.  But, they don’t want to go to alone where they know no one (who does, really?).  As this survey from Christianity Today says, a majority of those people who aren’t going to Church on Christmas Eve said they would go if they were asked.

So this year, ask God to show you who you should be inviting to Northminster this Christmas Eve. And then ask someone!  Wouldn’t it be great to have another friend come along with you to Church and experience this great season with some great friends?

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