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Prayer Focus Sunday

Your prayers have the power to make a difference!


Choose a prayer-focus topic below that resonates with your heart. Click the plus sign to reveal the subcategories to hold in your thoughts and prayers throughout the week, then let us know what or who you're praying for as part of our community of faith.


Thank you for being an active member of our prayer community. We look forward to joining you in prayer and witnessing the positive changes it brings.

Church Ministries

Northminster Support Ministries
Northminster Worship Ministries
Northminster Discipleship Ministries
Northminster Children’s Ministries
Northminster Student Ministries
Northminster Mission Outreach
Northminster Fellowship Life
Northminster Christian School
Northminster Deacons
Northminster Church Leadership
Northminster REACH/Outreach

Community and World

Tucson Business
Government & Civil Service
Medical Care and Service
Care and Service
The Church of Christ in the City
Animals, Pets & Those Who Serve Them
EcoCare of God’s Creation
The Arts

What/who are you lifting up in prayer?