Christian generosity is rooted in an understanding that all we are and have belongs to God.
– Psalm 24:1

Regular Faithful Giving

Our gratitude is expressed through our faithful obedience to God’s wishes for living and encourages financial support of the church. Ideally, our giving is to be regular, joyful, proportional, and sacrificial.

Northminster’s financial stewardship emphasis is an intentional effort to encourage the biblical pattern of giving. We do this in order to promote spiritual growth and we hope that each member of our congregation will consider regular and faithful giving.

Stewardship and Giving

Each fall culminating on Consecration Sunday, individuals, and families use the Estimate of Giving Cards to update their financial commitment to Northminster for the coming year.  This process provides a planning tool for the leaders of the church. The estimate may be increased or decreased during the year as your circumstances warrant.

Northminster recognizes the tithe (10% of one’s gross earnings) as a biblical standard for giving. Congregational members are encouraged to consider increasing by 1% per year towards your own personal giving goals.

If you have never made a pledge, begin with a reasonable objective and plan to increase your giving over time.

online-giving2320x180Online Giving

Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of Northminster. For your convenience, Northminster provides an online giving option via our secure online system, myNPC, through which you can easily make one-time gifts, set up recurring contributions, view your contribution history, print giving statements and more.

Giving through myNPC

  1. Assuming that you’ve previously registered, you’ll just need to log in to myNPC.
  2. Once you’re signed into your profile, click the “Giving” link in the left column. If applicable (if you’ve given previously), you will see a record of your past giving, as well as a record of your current pledge for the year and your progress toward meeting that pledge, in the right sidebar.
  3. To make a one-time contribution, or set up a recurring contribution, click on the blue “+ Give” button.
  4. You will be taken to a page where you can:
    • enter a contribution amount
    • select the destination fund (or funds – click “+ Give to an additional fund“), and
    • set the frequency of the contribution.
      The process is the same for one-time or recurring gifts.
  5. Next, enter credit card, checking account, or savings account payment information, which by default will be automatically saved for future use. You can disable this by unchecking “Save for future use.”
  6. When everything looks correct, click the “Give” button.

You can click the “Scheduled” button at the top to view your scheduled contributions.

(Click here for more information on online giving through myNPC.)

One-Time Gifts

If you wish to make a one-time online contribution without logging in to myNPC, you may do so here. You will still have the ability to designate your gift for one or several different funds, such as Ministries/Missions/Operations or the Building & Capital Fund.


You will receive a receipt by e-mail each time you make an online gift, including each time a recurring contribution is processed.

Online Giving and Worship

If desired, you may place an offering envelope (located in the pew-backs) in the offering plate as a physical symbol of your gift given online, and as your offering in worship. You may write your name and gift amount on the envelope as well, but it is not required. Your online gift will be automatically credited to your giving statement. This way, we can collectively affirm the power of unity in our giving, and we can ensure that no one “shall come before the Lord empty-handed” (Deuteronomy 16:16).


For questions regarding the online giving option, or if you need to register with myNPC and have not received an invitation to do so, feel free to contact Chris Yamanaka.

Text Giving

Text giving allows you to give to Northminster using your smartphone. If you are a first-time giver, it will take you approximately 2 minutes to set up your payment method, including debit cards and ACH payments. Once your first text gift is processed, the payment method is saved for future gifts and allows for a faster and more convenient giving experience.

Once a gift is submitted through text, it is processed in the same secure manner as an online contribution.

Text format

Our church keyword – Npctucson
Fund keyword (optional)
Operations, Capital, Deacons, VBS, etc.




If no fund is specified, the gift will automatically be applied to Ministries/Missions/Operations.


If you wanted to give $50.00 to the Ministries/Missions/Operations fund using your text messaging, you would text Npctucson Operations $50 to 73256. Standard text message rates would apply.

After sending the text, you would receive a reply text with a URL to follow to complete your gift. Following the URL takes you to a secure website (below left), where you would provide your payment information, which can be a credit or debit card, or an ACH payment. You would also have the opportunity here to specify or change which fund you are designating for your gift, using the dropdown menu (below right).

Text Giving Funds

Advent of the Heart
Birthday Fund
Building & Capital Fund
Cragin Elementary
Deacons Food Pantry
Hurricane Harvey
Ministries/Missions/Operations (default)
NPC School
Other Giving
Pastor’s Discretionary Fund
RIM Sojourner
Rocky Point Mission
Special Music/Choir
Vacation Bible School
Yucatan Mission
Fund Keyword(s)

How Will My Gift Be Used?

When you make a gift to support the church’s mission, it is directed to one or more of the following funds:

Operating Fund

Ministry Funds

Legacy Funds

Ways to Give

Outright Gifts

Legacy Gifts



We recognize that Christian stewardship is a different view of giving from the world’s perspective and additional questions and information may be needed as you make important decisions about supporting Northminster. If you would like a personal and confidential visit with a church staff member, please contact Dr. Andrew Ross, Pastor, or Kathy Lee, Business Manager. For questions regarding online giving and text giving, please contact Chris Yamanaka.