Northminster, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, seeks to be engaged in God’s mission in the world.

We accomplish this by

  • Building ongoing supportive partnerships consistent with our mission values
  • Facilitating educational events
  • Communicating effectively with our congregation
  • Intentionally providing opportunities for our congregation to be involved in missions

An Advent Gift of the Heart! 

Key Principles

Key principles that guide us are:

  • Continually pray and seek God’ direction in how and what we should be involved in (Ephesians 6:18-20)
  • Serve and tell the story of Jesus to those outside the walls of our church (Matthew 28:19)
  • Support mission that provide opportunities for our congregation to use their gifts and talents to further the mission of Jesus and bring glory to God wherever they may be (I Corinthians 12:12-13), including encouraging, recruiting, supporting, and sending missionaries from our own congregation (Romans 10:13-15)
  • Learn and attempt to reach those who are “unreached” in our world, by being aware and learning about the 10/40 window and how we as a church can be engaged in supporting/bringing the Gospel to other parts of the world (Romans 15:20)
  • Make a difference in our neighborhood by seeking the well-being of those around us (Jeremiah 29:7)
  • Risk new ideas, set what may seem to be unrealistic goals, and mobilize people to go to potentially dangerous places to reach those for Christ (Matthew 28:18-19)
  • Build and maintain partnerships with mission organizations and our missionaries while caring for and supporting them (Romans 15:24-26)

Mission at Northminster is a very important part of what we do and how we see ourselves. We have mission opportunities for youth and adults that involve local projects as well as traveling outside our own state and even out of the country.

The youth of our church have gone to such places as the Yucatan Peninsula, Honduras and Los Angeles. Adult teams have built houses in Rocky Point with Amor Ministries. Our women have been involved in mission projects such as painting houses, delivering shoes to Native Americans and making Christmas stockings for our troops overseas. We have mission connections in Mexico, Ethiopia and right here in Tucson.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us to see how you might get involved.

NPC Mission Directory

Our NPC Mission Directory is a source of information about the missionaries and ministries with whom Northminster partners. You are encouraged to pray, correspond, volunteer your time and skills, and give financially in support of these mission partners. In doing so, you can take part in the exciting work being accomplished for Christ throughout the world.

To find out how you can become involved, call one of the NPC contacts listed in the directory.