Comfort Food:
God's Goodness Served Just Right!

November 5-26, 2023

Join us as on an inspiring 4-week sermon series, Comfort Food: God's Goodness Served Just Right!. In this series, we’ll see that stewardship is like cooking/preparing from what's in our own pantry to bring support and life to others around our tables. Just as we gather ingredients to create a comforting meal, we gather our resources and gifts to serve others in God's name.

Comfort Food Sermon Series

Sermon: “The Best Comfort Food”

Comfort Food - The Best Comfort Food John 6:52-59
November 26, 2023

Ken Skodiak

Sermon: “Come and Get It!”

Comfort Food - Come and Get It! John 6:41-51
November 19, 2023

Andy Ross

Additional Messages

Sermon: “The Secret Sauce”

Comfort Food - The Secret Sauce John 6:26-40
November 12, 2023

Andy Ross

Sermon: “What's On Hand?”

Comfort Food - What's On Hand? John 6:1-15
November 5, 2023

Andy Ross